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     Founded in April 2008 with a registered capital of RMB 10 million and the actual investment of  RMB 120 million, Jingmen Meifeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is located in Jingmen Macheng

People hail, innovation and public entrepreneurs
A warm celebration of our company was named "Jin
Warmly celebrate the national Ministry of scienc
Strengthen production safety education and train

Address:Hubei province Jingmen City Road No. 5
Contact person: Yang
Mobile phone: 13677272388
Fax: 0724-2215237

Address:Hubei province Jingmen City Road No. 5   Telephone:13677272388    Record number:The ICP preparation 12010036     Postcode:448000 
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Business:MST;PTSC;UV-531;UV-9And so on.

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